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The men who come through BYX learn to live out their faith anywhere and everywhere God leads them - whether in their careers, their homes, or their communities.

ClintAnd your gift below will build up more godly young men like Clint - one of the founding brothers of the BYX chapter at Auburn University. He shares...

"BYX creates an environment where young men take responsibility for themselves and others. God continues to use these lessons in my personal life with my family, as a leader in my church, and in my professional life as a lawyer on Capitol Hill. I would not be where I am today without the refining furnace of BYX."

Your gift to build up young men like Clint will help do everything from start new BYX chapters to expand the impact of existing ones on college campuses across the nation.

But ultimately, your generosity will shape more godly men with the courage and conviction to make an impact on the world.

So thank you for giving to help more Christian young men become who God created them to be - and do what He's called them to do!